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Sibling Sexual Violence Resources (by year)

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Morrill, Mandy. (2014): “Sibling Sexual Abuse: An Exploratory Study of Long-term Consequences for Self-esteem and Counseling Considerations.” Journal of Family Violence 1-9.


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Lowe, Adrian. (11th January 2012) Boys abuse in home first: sex study. The Age newspaper.
The above paper (Yates et al) was cited in this article:
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Preview available on
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(Section 3, Sibling Bullying, discusses Sibling Sexual Abuse)
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(not available online)
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(Also listed under 2005 for the Children, Youth and Women’s Health Service of South Australia)
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Preview available on
Crowder, R. (May 29 – June 1, 2004) Sibling sexual abuse: A descriptive study of sibling sexual abuse data from Canadian incidence studies and selected sibling incest research in the literature, 1980 – 2001. CASSW Annual Conference 2004, University of Manitoba.
More Information available on
Fessler D.M.T., Navarrete C.D. (Sep 2004) Third-party attitudes toward sibling incest: Evidence for Westermarck’s hypotheses Evolution and Human Behavior.  25 (5) p. 277-294.
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(Includes discussions about Sibling Sexual Abuse)
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Preview available on
Family Services of Greater Vancouver (2002) Sibling sexual abuse – a parent’s guide.
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Sample Student Papers Web page.
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Preview available on
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Preview available on
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Herman, J.L. (1998) Trauma and recovery: from domestic abuse to political terror. Reprinted. ed. Hammersmith: Pandora. 
(Nothing specific about Sibling Sexual Abuse; however, very powerful read)
Preview available on
Digiorgio-miller, J. (1998) Sibling incest: treatment of the family and the offender.   
Child welfare.  77 (3) p.335-46.
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Preview available on
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Safer Society Press, 127 pages.
Preview available on
Worling J.R.  (1995) Adolescent sibling-incest offenders: Differences in family and individual functioning when compared to adolescent nonsibling sex offenders. 
Child Abuse & Neglect. 19 (5) p. 633-643.,%20J_%20R%20-%201995.pdf
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Lexington Books, 151 pages.
Preview available on
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See above 1997, 2nd Edition.
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Before 1980
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