The Indian Prayer

This is a prayer that I found in my grandmother’s things after her death and it is a great source of hope and encouragement.


One Comment on “The Indian Prayer”

  1. cloudman23 says:

    Thank you for posting this prayer in this form and for your input in my web-log. It would be interesting to me to know where your grandmother obtained it. As you know, I have a similar version posted here:

    This has been for several years, and remains, my favorite prayer. I hope that many people see it on your web-log and find great inspiration. Coming up on 73, I’m lucky enough to still be in good physical shape. I hike mountain trails and sail my small sloop – doing both of those activities solo at times. I get so immersed in the joy of Nature at these times that I catch myself saying this prayer out loud hoping that at least the wildlife nearby finds comfort in the tone.

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