Things that were said in the course of an assault

I whined “Stoooppppp! It Hurrrttttssss”

My Brother said “Shut UP!  It does not and stop moving!  You are such a stupid little baby!”

I think I remember him moaning and breathing heavy to.  I think I remember the loud moan he made as he climaxed …. I don’t like remembering this …… it makes me want to hide and cry :(

Another Time …………

I whined “Noooooo I don’t want to it’s icky … Nooooo Noooo” as he pushed my face down on his penis.

Both Brothers laughed and said “Hahahahahaha … shes doing it ……… Hahahahahaha … do more ….. put your month on it”

Oldest Brother watching the other brother do this to me said: “ohhhhhhh … this is fun ….. we will get you ice cream ….  hahahahahahahah”

I am very sad now and can’t write anymore.  I was 7 years old, the brother directly raping me was 14 1/2 years old, the oldest brother that watched was 16 years old.

:bawling:  I hope to let go of these memories some day but they still haunt me and bring up horrible feelings of fear and sadness.


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